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GigE PoE雙晶片網卡 - GIGE-PCIE2-2P02
.專為GigE Vision PoE相機量身打造
.PCI-E Gen 2 x1 (5.0GT/s)
.2個獨立頻寬的GigE連接埠 (可上鎖)
.支援PoE (乙太網路供電)
.支援巨型封包9KB (降低CPU使用率)
加拿大Point Grey推出的新GigE PoE網卡(GIGE-PCIE2-2P02),採用Intel 82574L Gigabit乙太網路控制器,此卡提供乙太網路直接供電,支援2個GigE Vision相機。

每一個連接埠最高可提供15.4瓦電源,支援Jumbo Frame,此產品非常具有競爭力,同時也完全相容GigE Vision相機,譬如Point Grey BFLY-PGE & GS3-PGE系列。

相較於需透過外部供電的GigE Vision相機或類比相機,Point Grey所生產製造的此款GigE PoE網卡(GIGE-PCIE2-2P02)提供客戶降低系統成本的最佳選擇!

Point Grey Gigabit Power over Ethernet Interface Card 2 port

Technical Specifications
Designed specifically for Point Grey PoE cameras
Sustain maximum bandwidth over each port at the same time
Enable jumbo packets to minimize CPU usage
Use low rise profile bracket for 1U or 2U industrial enclosures
Part Number: GIGE-PCIE2-2P02

The new GIGE-PCIE2-2P02 uses the Intel® 82574L Gigabit Ethernet Controller, provides Power Over Ethernet, supports two GigE Vision cameras and is manufactured by Point Grey. Each port provides up to 15.4 Watts of power, supports jumbo packets and enables maximum bandwidth at the same time.  This product is very competitive and complementary to Point Grey’s GigE Vision camera products such as the Blackfly. The GIGE-PCIE2-2P02 enables customers to reduce system costs compared to externally powered GigE Vision or analog camera systems.
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